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Grade = A.    I was in a bitey mood when I wrote this essay.  It shows.  After sinking my teeth into it, I attacked the author's work and tore it apart limb from limb.  I don't think it survived.  RIP.


The meaning of pride varies depending on who is asked. An accomplished person who has worked towards reaching a goal will have earned the right to be confident in his or her own actions. On the other hand, someone who has an inflated sense of worth is prideful, and that is taboo. Dagoberto Gilb, a popular Mexican-American author, wrote about a neighborhood full of brown-skinned people who were proud of their heritage to a fault (259-261). Gilb’s definitions of pride were complicated, and some explanations would have been a better description for arrogance, or lenience.

In his essay “Pride”, Gilb describes a high school graduation with attendance rivaling a rock concert. Hundreds of people gathered for a ceremony in a little community center. The attendees wanted to show support for the graduating students in their family. The audience was screaming, and crying. The essay conveyed a hectic and unruly festivity. The extremity of the positive reinforcement created a false sense of success for the students, because finishing high school is merely the beginning of adulthood. If the celebration was a circus, then the graduating students may think that graduating high school was a huge accomplishment. In reality, high school is only a stepping-stone towards other life goals.

Gilb also touched on the subject of pride in the community’s heritage. The ancestors of the community were given bountiful amounts of admiration for their actions. [wordy] He listed attributes of a fierce, and bold people that paved the way for the next generation. While a sense of pride in ancestors is perfectly adequate, Gilb believed that having pride in someone else’s action was okay. If a person does not achieve an individual accomplishment, then the pride is undeserved. No one should stop short of his or her full potential. By making the standard seem exceptional, and the lack of completing goals tolerable, the urban community suffers.

Being confident in a skill set, or happy with one’s life is perfectly all right, but that isn’t what Gilb described. The culture he wrote about provided insight to the low standards of a culture. Ghettos throughout Los Angeles are a prime example of this sort of egotistical society. I don’t agree with Gilb on his definition of pride. Happiness is not pride. The unbending belief in self-worth he wrote about sounds more like the meaning of being stubborn. The fearless reaction to disrespect and disregard that Gilb listed is a masquerade for being ignorant.

Pride is a preoccupation with oneself; it is the inflated value of self-worth combined with irrational philosophy of ego. Gilb’s definitions for pride were a disguise to hide his community’s lack of knowledge and stubborn character. He should have spoke more on the accomplishments of his community if he wanted readers to believe that the people in his essay deserved the self-importance they felt. 

                            Work Cited
Gilb, Dagoberto. “Pride.” The Short Prose Reader. Gilbert H. Muller and Harvey S. Wiener. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2005. 259-261.

for he who brightens the stars

Spilling Secrets of Joy

Love for love against the odds
Fear not the nearing end
For once you have it hold it tight
You too deserve it, friend.



The air around us crackles. We are lighting and thunder meeting in the heavens for a sizzling return of nature’s anger. Power surges through our bodies as they collide.  Defeat is not an option.  We must battle until all resources are expended.  We join and form a frightening combination.  No matter the cost we will be victorious.  Blows are given with no mercy.  Time stands still as air heaves and eyes meet.  It's electric.  A flash of heat blinds.  Thunder tears the senses from the body for a moment. There is no better match on Earth than you and I.  I hunger for your hatred.  I live for the moment we can focus our energies and have only pain to mark that union. Complimenting each other as opposites and forcing the world to take notice when we fight.  We are a force to be reckoned with.  Command the oceans to move.  Intimidate the unknowing cowards.  Break the skies with me.  Be the one that makes them quiver in fear as we grow bold and take control.   I am yours.  You are mine.  Let the suffering begin.

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